Sunday, September 03, 2006


Tiny Thunder

I simply contemplate, and stay awake to contemplate some more...

When the day arrives that the heart stops beating I won't contemplate it no more...

Luis Cardina

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Misery Loves company...and me

Beginners guide

1. Have a terrible childhood.

2. Have an even worse adolescence.

3. Enjoy being alone for the simple fact that, loneliness is a personal friend.

4. Listen to doom metal, or compose the saddest lyrics with at least the words despair, solitude and darkness in the chorus.

5. Open chat rooms but don't participate in any conversation.

6. Listen to "bleeding me"

7. Befriend someone that reminds you constantly of what life should be like with a happy grin on their face.

8. Do not wish to die, that would only spoil the fun of living miserably another 50/60 decades.

9. Remember that when everyone around starts to chat, it's the "perfect" time to read the book you "always" "have" to carry.

10. Remember always the worst episodes of your childhood, the rest is too plain...

11. Do not cry, that would only release the tension and somehow make you feel better.

12. Do not go on holidays, only happy people do stay behind and comiserate on everyone happy stories, by the way, YOU should pick them up from the airport, so you miss none of them.

13. To you just a number, to be superstitious is too belong.

14. Your unlucky number, being different sets you apart.

15. Always complain.

16. Blame is primary to your instincts.

17. Or is it guilt?

18. Live in a country way far from your friends, and spend endless nights contemplating that every single day away, is a day you lost

19. Make no new friends, let the old ones fade away

20. Do you qualify?? If so, leave me ALONE!

Thursday, June 09, 2005


Big Box of Memories

The world is just like a big FeDex box.

Feelings, Time, Concepts, Dreams, Words, Meanings, Boundaries, Logic, Morals, Faith, Evil, Justice, Exits, Frames, Crafts, Formulas, Arts, Objects, Subjects, Space, Virtues, Freedom, Independence, Age, Sense, Loss, Direction, Pressure, Movement, Thought, Resilience, Death, Character, Life, Self...

Are all fluids that are in transition within the world itself.

Only Memories remain...

Wednesday, June 01, 2005


A Sence Of Absence


You feel but it isn't there, therefore should you feel it?

Thursday, May 26, 2005


The Intricacies of falling for something...

He loves it because its black.

She loves it because it isn't white.


Underneath the mind...

Everyone dreams. Ancient people assumed that our dreams were messages from the inhabitants of another world. Freud believed that dreams are the wishes made by our unconscious mind. Jung was certain that dreams are messages from the creative side of our minds. And modern sleep research believe that dreams are the result of random neuronal activity and memory consolidation processes.
I could be really out of my depth here, but I still think I have enough material for debating on this issue...In any case, I go for the random thingy...


Dreams have always intrigued mankind and those who wish to know more about them either for scientific purposes, religious or just the simple fact that we love exploring the unknown. The dream doctors, (those who study its meaning) say that there is an explanation to each dream as long as there is a main symbol or factor playing the major part.
For example if you dreamt in blue or with the colour blue, it will have a certain meaning, if you dreamt with snakes it will then mean something else, and so forth...

I understand dreams to be just like the horoscope. They can fit anything or anyone because of their flexible explanation not only that but who can say otherwise??
In the horoscope you read for Gemini: a great week ahead of you, give it all you got, and disregard those who don't support you, in the end you will be the one laughing - Ok! now this can have a million explanations for each person that fall under the Gemini star sign, how flexible is that?? It doesn't really explain anything, not in my way of seeing things though.
Dream doctors do exactly the same, as they can't be specific, they say that if you dream in blue it will mean either water, or sky, or you are coming down with a cold, or they will be an avalanche sometime soon...etc, etc, etc.

Dreams are just dreams! Accept it. There mustn't necessarily be an explanation. Why the hell do we think that everything has to be explained? So that we can relate A & B??Some people say that "things" happen for a reason, other say that things just happen, now who's right and wrong could take a lifetime to discuss. By the way, do animals dream? Imagine a horse dreaming with a donkey, would it be animal adultery?

Liverpool won the champions league cup last night, with an unbelievable display in one of the greatest ever comebacks in history of that competition "pointing the fact that AC Milan has the greates defence (on paper) in Europe at the moment" but they took 3 goals in six magical moments for the english side. What I am trying to say is that the last time that they achieved such a display and went on to win the champions league, the pope had just died. What a deja-vu eh?? Was that meant to happen? Coincidence? It certainly felt like a dream for them last night I tell you that.

Going back into the dream theory, I think that dreams are escapades of our memory in overload, we have too much in our minds, we see something that for its unusualness get a harder imprint in the mind and once our mind is at rest while we sleep, these images get picked up and may be related to something else that has got nothing to do with anything. Therefore I don't think that there is a plausible explanation to dreams, coincidences or anything of the like.

Saturday, May 21, 2005


Is there such thing as........Silence??


Thursday, May 19, 2005


Truth Be Told...

The Truth exists...

Only Lies are invented...
(where terms & conditions apply)

Tuesday, May 17, 2005


The Nazarene...

Of a different Nazareth, but also with religious connotations to it, my birthplace is full of history and beauty. Here's a bit of history for those who don't know of it:

From Nazareth to Nazare
About 45 minutes from Fatima is the beach town of Nazare. It is called Nazare because in this town on the high mountain is a statue of the Virgin Mary and Christ Child carved by Saint Joseph in Nazareth when Christ was less than a year old. In the forth century a monk named Ciriaco brought the statue to Bethlehem from Nazareth and gave it to Saint Girolamus who gave it to Saint Augustine. Augustine sent it to the monastery of Merida in Spain for safety.

When the Saracens invaded Spain, King Rodrioguez and a monk, named Brother Germanus took the statue to Sitio (Nazare) and hid it in a cave.

In 1181 AD Dom Fuas Roupinho was hunting deer on the same mountain where the cave with the statue was kept. A deer possessed by the devil tried to draw him to his death by leading his horse to the edge of the cliff. As the deer leaped over the cliff, his horse followed to the point that only his two back hoofs remained on the edge of the rocks. There in mid air the horse froze with Dom Roupinho on his back. In front of the Dom stood Our Lady. He beseeched Her for help and was miraculously saved. Dom had a chapel built at the spot and placed the famous statue in it.

Now, knowing a bit of its history, I can also add that like people from Los Angeles are called Angelinos, everyone that is born in this town, is called Nazarene, even the fish!!

It is a beautiful place for holidays, but its people are very famous (around the district) for being arrogant and abusive unfortunately, typical town of fishermen, I guess.
So here I leave you with a sight of a paradise like place, at least for me, in a way.

Monday, May 16, 2005



Invariably, I got hold of a true story that defies all my beliefs over fate and/or destiny...

I was told this story only last week by a good friend of mine, and I do love to challenge people regarding these issues, probably for the only reason that no one can truly say whether I'm right or wrong as no one really knows because is very opinion based. Nevertheless, here's the story about this guy that...Well, read on...

This guy was supposed to fly out of the country the very next day, he tells his mother to wake him up so not to miss his flight.
Whether the sixth sense does exist or not, it's another question, for his mother "sensed" that something was going to happen to the plane and decided NOT to wake him up, thinking that even if he misses his flight, I'll be more relieved and he'll go on the next flight.
So, the next day, as the son is sleeping still, she's watching the news channel and the plane that her son was meant to catch did crash...She couldn't believe the luck of her feelings not to wake up her dear son and send him onto his death (so to speak). She runs up to the room, to wake him up then and tell him what just happened, but she did try...Only he never woke up.

Now, what do we make of this, do we really have our day on someone's agenda??
Was it pure coincidence? Do coincidences exist at all, or are things simply meant to happen at a certain time unknown to us?

My sentiments are directed to the family of this young man that no matter what he did, he couldn't escape his fate.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005


The Day of Reckoning...for God

I read yesterday on the Metro newspaper, that within 25 years scientists believe that they can figure out, given the resources and necessary funding, the key to immortality (so to speak).

Basically, you wouldn't grow old, that's the bottom line!

Now, when reading this, several questions were bobbling around my fertile mind such as:

1. What would then be the meaning of experience?

If you could live forever, imagine having just celebrated your 358th birthday, would you be considered more experience than someone with 355 years on their shoulders?
Would you say to someone with 79years of age, - he's still young?

2. Would beliefs change?

All those people, especially the Muslim community, that believe in afterlife and that you will be judged on the day you day according to the way you lived your life, would they need to rewrite they "Bibles"??

3. Would we prefer it?

I guess dying isn't so bad, my only problem, and that of another 6bilion, is not knowing how, when, and if it will hurt. But living forever, or being given that possibility, would it be of any consolation, because really, it's only stopping you from getting old, not from a planecrash, or a stroke, so you still can die, you just gotta hope!

4. Society Modifications

Now, you wanna buy a house, what can stop you from having the bank lending you 2Million pounds if you ain't dying? you can work all your life, so you should be able to afford it really, all we need doing is get live cover for 3 centuries and renew it every 200 years...hmmm??

Like these 4 questions, much more can rise from any perspective, although I guess in all fairness, we should all die and let others take our place. It gets to a stage that we get stagnant. We don't understand the technology around us nor we want to, people would have "seen it all before" and other personality features such as humbleness would cease to exist.
I would rather these scientists made our quality of life worth living, painless and then let us go and meet the other side, for all I know could be as bad as this side here.

Ultimately, we'll be playing God and not so far away seems the day that he just might resign his duties for real, or finish us off before we kill ourselves even more that we do right now. I just might be here to see that...just might.

Anyway, here's a little joke about God Vs Man:

God is sitting in heaven when a scientist says to Him, "God, we don't need you anymore. Science has finally figured out a way to create life out of nothing - in other words, we can
now do what you did in the beginning."

"Oh, is that so? Tell Me." replies God.

"Well," says the scientist, "we can take plain dirt and form it into the likeness of you, and breath life into it, thus creating man."

"Well, that's very interesting ... show Me, " says God.

So the scientist bends down to the earth and starts to mold the soil into the shape of a man.

"No, no, no ..." interrupts God, "Get your own dirt!!

Thursday, May 05, 2005


The Defying Equation

By norm, when you faced with having 50% more of something, and 50% less of something else, you are somewhat balanced, probably.
How about when you just lose someone, someone that has been in terrible pain and agony, that was overcoming the barriers of the ability to cope, or simply to acknowledge?

So here we have in one hand, the loss...
In the other hand the gain?

I have heard people say, that, I'm sad of losing him/her, but at the same time, I'm happy as he/she aren't suffering any longer...

Does that balance? Tough equation I say...

Here's Barry Flannery words:

I was one
Then I met you
Didn't understand that
one and one, makes one.
In math we learn this:
One and one makes two
And then I met you
Then I realized
One and one
Makes the right one

Written by Barry Flannery, Summer/2003

Wednesday, May 04, 2005


Sheer Acceptance

While I fall into the warmest sleep, someone struggles to wake up...
While I witness the birth of friend, someones friend loses a life...
While I tear my insides with pain , someone experiences joy with a smile...
While I drink to forget misery, someone perserves his memories...
While I laugh endlessly at a joke, someone cries in agony...
While I die to vacant my place, Someone will take my place in life...

Somethings will always be the same, forever.

Saturday, April 30, 2005


Unreality TV

I am not one for reality TV shows, and it seems that our kind has really hit a level of lowness portraying the ridicule to his highest extend, but, having said that, I would love to see a Big Brother type of show, where you invaded the buckingham palace and had several tasks such as deliver high speeches, attend bureaucratic dinners and so on, live out of other people's taxes, fly to those countries to extend relations etc...At the end you would be knighted by the TV presenter and from that day onwards you could share the palace with the Royalty members.

The people who would exit the show, would do so, after it being decided by the queen herself. I am sure that that would lift the audience of whichever channel delivered such a program, and again, our level of dignity would be in question as nowadays, people just follow whatever doesn't make them think...

Friday, April 22, 2005


That Nagging Truth...

However truthful we may try to sound, be or aim to become, there's always something we hold back.
Example: let's say that you tell everything to a friend, couple of days down the line, you fight with that friend and you think, "shit, I shouldn't have told him that". Regret, remorse, stupidity, naivety all come to your mind like counting sheep at night, it will nag you till the matter is somewhat sorted.
So people have learnt to hold back. Often they still feel compelled to pull the trigger and open their gobs out there in the open but, they fear for the secrecy that they don't wanna see exposed.
Also, the controversial side effect is that, if we can't trust our dearest ones, we feel trapped in that feeling of solitude, where we love sharing our naughtiest or most daring adventures, then who can we trust?

So.... should we kiss and tell or deliver honesty in its truest form?
Would we be better people for always thriving to tell the truth or rather to know when to hold back??

Truth is all about perspective...

Thursday, April 21, 2005


Gender Incompatibility

Since the beginning of times, it's well known to both sexes that certain tasks, are fit to either men or women, and whatever the debate it should remain like that.
Nonetheless, women have lately tried to claim otherwise. The concept of equality, theoretically in vain, is being put to test by the modern woman, in an attempt to share the female burdens.
But, when called upon, women's vulnerability and men's silly boasting macho pride play a huge role in leveling those burdens, that by nature have and will always be there.

I find it remarkable that women can look after a household, care for three children and still manage to have a huge impact in her workplace....for a man "just" looking after a house, that's enough said, forget it!
But I find it odd, that if it was to jump a second floor balcony to gain access to the house (being in a locked out situation), women would rather wait all night outside or call 999, than have a go at it. That's peanuts for a man.
Obviously, I am by no means trying to compare both situations, but, this is one of a million examples on why we just aren't the same, and, if men are trying to adjust by sharing some of the burdens, - like today you see many men ironing, dusting, gardening etc...(simply daily tasks that no man would perform 25 years ago), - women better start to be brave enough to go home on foot, after dark, by themselves, without looking back, once!

In any case, whatever grounds for discussion we may raise here, remember that differences between man and women, at all stages in life are part of their nature and should be seen simply as that and regarded as assets not liabilities.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005


A Coincidence to Believe...

It still amazes me today, that most of the people who read the horoscope, do believe that by the end of the week, their dream job, boyfriend or holiday is actually bound to happen. Quicker still if they call the bloody expensive hotline till 6pm. (No refunds)

I am impressed though, that those who write the bloody thing, have still the imagination to improvise such crap lines, such as - Although Venus don't look good, you're in peace with Saturn - I mean, if it weren't for Saturn, uff!
Nevertheless, the storyline here falls for those who put effort into changing their patterned lives believing in that nonsense of the stars and planets, sea level and humidity...If they really could tell by some inherited powers, visions even, wouldn't they help themselves first? It's not like an astrologist makes a fortune and I haven't at least seen one make the TIME magazine rich lists. Not to mention that selfish as the human being is, whoever had those powers, would simply keep them to themselves. They must be a generous bunch them!

Girls are the worst for wear though, they but the paper for that simple purpose, unless Brad Pitt is on the cover, you'd have to guess now...from the moment they read that stuff - "tonight is your last shot at it, go out and meet him" - here is she, calling Susan, or Mary, or Deborah, (if the first two were busy), and whispers, "I need to go out tonight, no matter's my bloody last chance, it's written in the starts"!

Now, when things written do come it pure coincidence, or you just really believe it was meant to happen??

Call my Hotline to find out more!!!

Sunday, April 17, 2005




By 2012...just as the world cup is to take on the world, a new form of technology unveils itself to the world.
Either by phone-net, wristwatch"broad-band", wireless sunglasses, or, if it really must be, by internet. Order Now!

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Already there are E-bestfriends, E-marriages, E-Jobs, (soon) E-divorces, E-deaths....This is the frightning vision that if we don't move at the speed of technology, we could end up crashed by it.

Saturday, April 16, 2005


50 Cents for a Beatle...

It wasn't even last week that I read an article on a newspaper that stated the following:

"The rapper 50Cent is now the only musician to ever equal the Beatles with 5 consecutive greatest hits in the same chart, could they be the greatest musicians ever?".

(At this point, I bit the paper in 7 equal parts and hurt myself to cope with the scare)

My views in music can be very in depth, so I'll just go straight to the point.

Not always, but most times, the great leaders don't have the best followers, so whoever is buying these records, is either hard of hearing (no pun intended to those who really are), or their education in music is below zero.
I dislike to criticise other musicians, but when it comes to 50Cent, I mean, give him a 7string guitar, show us what you got...

This is an extract of 50Cent Lyrics: (help me god)

We over here... with some fat chicks
[50]Nah, I don't be fuckin wit them fat bitches
That's Yayo[Chorus]
Don't be stuck on the things they say
now you know it's a nasty world (you know it's a nasty world)
I ain't fuckin wit you anyway
cause I know your a nasty girl (know your a nasty girl)
I ain't never gon discriminate
so let me compliment your eyes (compliment my eyes)
Yeah, It's nothin' but a little baby phat phat
[50]Them Twinkies got your ass gettin' fat fat
Them cookies got your ass gettin' fat fat
That paint got your ass gettin' fat fat
Bitch you grown, that ain't baby fat fat

Well, the title of that song was Phat comments!

With the Beatles, my opinion will slighty differ but not that much, I mean apart from the Rolling Stones or Europe, is there any other more overatted band? Ever? Yellow Submarine?? Try Stairway to Heaven, Erotomania, Battery, Paradigm Shift (Liquid Tension Experiment)...(lol)

Alright, they changed the way music was played then, and influenced lots of other bands since then (Oasis and....??) but come on, we must remember that their audience was a decade of stoned listeners, also that not many bands were around then and you know, I grant them that there was a purpose of somekind in Lennon's vision, but had they been around today, probably 50Cent would thrash them in the charting poleposition. And to underline my point even stronger, I say that If Mozart was around today, oh yes, still he is the man, and that, without a shadow of a doubt is a very strong fact.

I say that Sting hasn't tried hard enough...

Friday, April 15, 2005


TAR? or not to Be?

Are we a suicidal mob?

It's like one the most "in your face" shouldn't do things, still, there are more than 12 million adults in UK - me included - that smoke, (more than the Portuguese population).
I could alter those figures by either quitting or becoming Britsh, as it would then increase the gap.
Nowadays, smoking is seen as a "small and expensive crime" rather than a posh habit like in the 50's, and with all the smoking free restaurants, bars even open air rail & underground stations, it's rather hard to be able to enjoy a bloody cigarette when you simply feel like.
Now, we have times when to smoke, lunch breaks are now cigarette breaks, if you have 1hr train journey at 9am (smoking time will be anything from leaving the bus to 8.59am).

Wouldn't it be ideal to move to UK all the portuguese living in Portugal, and move all the smokers back there?? One thing is certain, is much cheaper to smoke there, but the harm is just the same.

What the habit does to you

Brown and treacly in appearance, tar consists of tiny particles and is formed when tobacco smoke condenses. Tar is deposited in the lungs and respiratory system and gradually absorbed. It is a mixture of many different chemicals, including: formaldehyde, arsenic, cyanide, benzo[a]pyrene, benzene, toluene, acrolein.

This is what is addictive. It stimulates the central nervous system, increasing the heartbeat rate and blood pressure. In large quantities nicotine is extremely poisonous.

This binds to haemoglobin in the bloodstream more easily than oxygen does, thus making the blood carry less oxygen round the body.

You just never think it will happen to you, eh?

Thursday, April 14, 2005


A Notion Of Imprisonment


Who isn't subjugated to this unseen, somewhat claustrophobic, gathering of minutes to which we lead our lives and the lives of others? In a constant turn, It seems to drive us from past to future at any given "time", diminishing our purpose to never be the so called leaders of the world.
It's known that some tribes might not follow it the way we do, but they have the sun and rain to respond to, for their needs and deeds. So who can escape this ubiquitous pressure??

The clock is ticking.....

Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Going Home...Not Africa

I have had huge debates over One's origins since I came into England. The reason for that is this simple:

When people ask me, Luis Where are you from?
I say Portugal - they then ask, where are your parents from? (for what? what does that matter?)

I was born in Portugal, (European)
my mother was born in Mozambique, (Africa)
my father was born in Angola (Africa)

Therefore people in here say that I am African, or more like half Mozambican, half Angolan...So, being born in a country you've known all your life, lived most of your life, basically means nothing, even if your parents have lived in that country all their lives there too.

Now, There's a few points I would like to make
1. I haven't ever been to Africa, nor have I a special desire to,
2. I don't feel like an African, because I simply don't know what that should feel like
3. I always thought that you identify yourself by your birth place (in this matters)
4. Going back to my mother, her parents are portuguese, therefore (according to this idea) she isn't African, but Portuguese, therefore I'm not African...

Anyway, I find it easier to relate to the place where I was born rather than trace it back to my parents, grandparents and so on...
To me, I am Portuguese, feel like One and live like One.

So when I say I'm going back home, I certainly do not mean Africa


Baldrick Himself...

Dear friends,

Here I introduce to those whom have not yet acquianted with this beautiful fella, this brainless peasant is Baldrick Himself.

From the so known series of blackadder in British television, Baldrick (Tony Robinson) plays a servant to the noble blackadder (Rowan Atkinson).
A Ben Elton's creation that has established itself within the top platforms of British Comedy since its very beginning.

I advise to those anaware of such ravings of laughter that emanate from each episode, to check it out and join the clan.

In others words, to meet the man himself.

For more information check out:

Baldrick Posted by Hello


There's always a starting point...

As with anything in life, we wonder, how did it start? In the mind in the form of an idea? In someone else's eyes in the form of a dream? In the heart in the form of a feeling? or perhaps in the soul in the form of an instinct...??

Biblically speaking HE said: before anything else I AM. What was his starting point?

What's yours?

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